Pediatric Anesthesia

ACM takes great pride in caring for our smallest patients referred to our facilities for scheduled procedures. None of the facilities in which we operate offer neonatal or high risk pediatric services. Many different types of procedures require your child to stay still or may cause them discomfort if no anesthesia is used.

An anesthesiologist caring for a pediatric patient can combine the right types of medicine to make sure your child is comfortable during the procedure. They may or may not need to be all the way “asleep” for some procedures done outside the operating room. Your child will need to be asleep for most surgery done in the operating room. Our excellent anesthesiologists will evaluate your child and make the best decision for their comfort and care.

Things to Remember

  1. No eating at least 8-12 hours prior OR No eating after 12am, midnight
  2. Where comfortable clothes
  3. No makeup
  4. No jewelry
  5. Bring cases for glasses and dental prosthetics and hearing aids
  6. Have a ride home and someone to see to your wellbeing, if going home same day

Service Locations

Marin General Hospital
250 Bon Air Road
Greenbrae, Ca 94904

Sonoma Valley Hospital
347 Andrieux Street
Sonoma, Ca 95476

Marin Specialty Surgery Center
505 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
Greenbrae, Ca 94904

Marin Fertility Center
1100 S Eliseo Drive Suite 107
Greenbrae, Ca 94904